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I help women interested in success and self-development to find the courage to make changes they want so that they can create a life they don’t need a vacation from.


Bob Proctor introduces the program here




You will find your way to succeed. At the end of the training, you have started your journey towards the life you want. I'll help you get clarification on what you want and what to do to get there.


This premium program combines individual and group mentoring as well as online coaching. The program contains a systematic and proven formula of how to reach goals as a result of new thinking. You get the tools and instructions and a step-by-step action plan that is easy to incorporate into everyday life.


We will move you away from indecision, confusion, negative thought patterns and uncertainty. The end result is that you are a self-confident, determined person who easily implements changes.




All those who are interested in learning to think in a new way, want to commit and invest in self-development and whom I feel I can help are welcome to the program.


The best results are obtained by those clients who commit to putting the program's tools, instructions and action plan into practice daily.


Typically, my clients want:


  • more freedom in terms of time or money

  • more time and energy to do things that bring them joy

  • reach their goals

  • to learn to implement the changes they want

  • to clarify thoughts and goals

  • to develop self-awareness and learn to lead oneself and others

  • to develop their attitude, ability to make decisions, perseverance, responsibility and trust

  • to learn to see more opportunities in life





This program does not help clients who:


  • are looking for quick solutions to a challenging situation

  • are not ready to implement the program's tools, instructions and action plan

  • expect the program to provide answers to challenges without them participating in finding a solution

  • think they already have the answer to everything and are not interested in opening their minds to things they are not already familiar with




As a result of the program, you will do what you want and live how you want. You have a clear direction where you are going and you act accordingly.


You regularly achieve your desired goals and get more out of life, ideas and relationships. You are efficient and achieve more by doing less, so you have more time and energy to do the things you love.


You inspire others with your actions and confidence.





12 areas


1. Choosing the right goal and achieving it - what do you want? (Goal)

Benefit: You will learn the process of how to set goals that motivate you and how to turn dreams into goals. Goals should inspire you and help you grow.


2. The knowing / doing gap (Habits)

Benefit: Many attend numerous trainings that do not change the individual's results at all. You will learn to understand what causes the knowing / doing gap, and to identify and modify your habits.


3. Unlimited Mind  (Habits)

Benefit: You will learn how paradigms work and how they can limit productivity and efficiency. You learn to use your mind so that your efficiency increases and you get what you want. You recognize how paradigms are an obstacle to development in many areas of life.


4. How the mind works (Habits)

Benefit: You learn how the mind works and how current results are the result of your current thinking. You will learn to create new thought patterns that make you more productive.


5. Mental faculties - thinking leading to results (The highest qualities of the mind)

Benefit: Innovation and productive thinking. You will learn to utilize these qualities so that they support your goals and produce results. 


6. The environment as a mirror of self-image (Self-image/paradigm)

Benefit: You will learn to understand how your self-image guides your actions and how this affects your results.


7. Terror barrier (Fear/paradigm)

Benefit: 4 stages of growth. You will learn what the experience of fear is based on and how to overcome it. You will identify and learn to change harmful thought patterns that are sabotaging your success.


8. Beliefs and behavior (Changing beliefs)

Benefit: You will learn to recognize the connection between beliefs and behavior and how to change beliefs so that they support goals.


9. Attitude is key to success (Changing attitude)

Benefit: Attitude and paradigmsl behind productive results. You will learn the definition of attitude and how to change it so that it lines up with the thoughts, feelings and actions that determine results.


10. Leadership

Benefit: You will learn how to refine leadership qualities in yourself and others.


11. Selling into serving

Benefit: You will learn how to develop positivity, turn selling into serving and how this affects personal growth and results.


12. Cooperation to combine the powers of the mind

Benefit: You will learn how changing behavior and cooperation increases efficiency and changes results.


Participants get lifetime access to the program and a participant's guide that contains workbooks and instructions for each topic. You can also get MP3 files from the lectures.


The recommendation is that the program be used regularly in the future, e.g. every year to create and achieve new goals.



You will have:


  • Proctor Gallagher certified mentor support during the program for 3 months

  • Orientation training 60 min

  • Group coaching 60 min twice a week (24 times in total)

  • Individual coaching 60 min (3 times which is available during the program)

Plus additional training on ad hoc basis.

Coaches: Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher


Mentor: Mia Kröneck

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability in you than you see in yourself and helps bring it out in you."


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Mia Kröneck

044 973 8050 ​

"In 6 months you'll need a telescope to see where you were before the program."

Bob Proctor


Your mentor: Mia Kröneck

Customer feedback from Thinking to Results program:

"I have learned to understand how my thinking effects my actions. For the first time, I have identified paradigms that have prevented me from reaching my goals. Using the program's tools, I have learned how to change paradigms that are not serving me. As a result, I got the desired relationship I wanted and found a meaningful network where I can fulfil myself professionally."

"Working with Mia was educational and inspiring. Mia had a strong coaching grip during the mentorship and she did not give ready-made answers, but guided the client find the solutions him/herself. I felt this was very good because it helped me change my way of thinking. At the same time, I learned to manage my thoughts, which has empowered me in my daily life. However, in painful situations, Mia supported me with a soft grip."

"We can't solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them."

-Albert Einstein-


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Thinking into Results -valmennuksen myötä pysyviä elämänhallinnan ja ajattelutavan muutoksia saavuttanut Niki, 28-vuotias opiskelija ja kuntourheilija.

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